Taking Chances

Taking Chances

Add to cart buttonview cart buttonTaking Chances (2014).  The pieces in this collection deal with danger and uncertainty, risks and rewards.  Every challenge  holds an opportunity.  These short but adventurous pieces explore more advanced pedalling techniques, octatonic and ethnic scales, irregular time signatures, increased dissonances and energetic rhythms, all being full of youthful vigour and life.  Late intermediate to advanced piano solos.  16 pages.


Click here to see a sample score page or watch a video performance.

Taking Chances (Gr. 8/9) CC score video

Absalom’s Party (Gr. 8/9) CC score video

Frantic (Gr. 7) RCM, CC score video

Mosquitoes (Gr. 8) CC score video

60% Chance of Rain (Gr. 6/7) WCSCS, CC score video

The Tramping Lake Coulee (Gr. 7) WCSCS, CC score video

Champions (Gr. 7/8) CC score video


WCSCS = commissioned by the West Central Saskatchewan branch of Contemporary Showcase

RCM = in Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus

CC = in Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire syllabus

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