When I Grow Up

Add to cart buttonBoys and girls will be able to musically imagine themselves trying out different exciting careers as they explore majView Cart buttonor, minor and modal sounds, different time signatures, tone clusters, and other contemporary challenges within their reach.  Early elementary piano solos.     16 pages.





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Carpenter (Pre-Gr. 1) Score Video

Policeman (Pre-Gr. 1) Score Video

Teacher (Gr. 1) CC Score Video

Doctor (Pre-Gr. 1) Score Video

Trucker (Pre-Gr. 1) RCM Prep A Score Video

Bus Driver (Pre-Gr. 1) Score Video

Pilot (Gr. 1) CC Score Video

Artist (Pre-Gr. 1) RCM Prep A Score Video


RCM – on the syllabus for the Royal Conservatory of Music, Preparatory A level

CC – on the syllabus for Conservatory Canada Contemporary Repertoire

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