Chamber Music

Here’s where I’ll be posting some of my chamber music for various ensemble groups.  I’ll be adding to it, so keep checking back!  Click the links to look at sample score pages, and the underlined links to listen to recordings.

Lament score sample – for string quartet.  A reflective and poignant piece performed here by Rachel Retzlaff, Colson Wiebe, Michelle Feere and Judith Gieck, April 2017. 

Dream Sequence – for Bb clarinet, flute and piano.  I. Bizarre (recording) – pdf score sample – a lively and humorous chromatic piece.  II. Enchante (recording) – pdf score sample –  a gorgeous blend of sonorities and mesmerizing beauty.  The piece was commissioned by the Galliard Foundation and recorded at their concert in February, 2015 in Saskatoon, SK.  

Expectation score sample – for 3 grand pianos, 12 hands (piano sextet).  This dramatic, but not overly difficult piece is very orchestral with it’s inclusion of inside the piano techniques and other percussive effects.  Thanks to the Sask New Music Festival bunch for the performance!  

Solar Flares score sample – for standard string quartet.  This bold and somewhat brash octatonic piece with changing time signatures features various string effects, contrapuntal sections and a wild, exciting finish.  

Gigue for String Quartet pdf score sample – This lilting, dance-like tune is suitable for intermediate string quartets.  Great for introducing modes and double stops in the cello and viola parts.  

On Promising My Youngest Daughter I’d Write Her a Poem at St. Peter’s Abbey – score sample – this theatrical piece reveals how music brings healing and hope, touching the emotions of all generations.  The text is by Saskatchewan poet Gerald Hill.  This was originally composed for the Gala Trio from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and my thanks goes out to them for encouraging me to get this project going!  Now also available for soprano or mezzo soprano and piano.  Click here for a downloadable purchase of these versions:

Soprano, French Horn, Piano 

Soprano or Mezzo Soprano and Piano 

When We Were Very Youngscore sample – a set of three humorous pieces based on poetry by children’s author A. A. Milne (author of Winnie the Pooh).
I. Independence, II. Politeness, III. Happiness.  Originally composed for the Gala Trio from Saskatoon (soprano, french horn and piano), but now also available for soprano and piano.

Soprano, French Horn, Piano

Soprano, Piano


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