Teaching Studio

Janet has years of experience as a teacher and clinician. She specializes in piano, theory, and composition.  Her studio is full for 2014-2015, but feel free to contact her for further information or to be put on a waiting list.

Studio expectations:

 1. The student is to arrive on time, well prepared, with all their music books, assignment scribbler and other materials ready.  Lessons will not be extended for students who are late.

2. Practicing is the student and parent’s responsibility.  While I don’t believe keeping track of the clock while practicing is the best way to monitor progress, here is a guideline for minimum expectations:

            20 minutes, 5 times a week – for ages 7 and under
            30 minutes, 5 times a week – for ages 8 and up
            Students in Gr. 3-4 piano – 45 minutes, 5 times a week
            Students in Gr. 5-6 piano – 60 minutes, 5 times a week
            Students in Gr. 7-8 piano – 90 minutes, 5 times a week
            Students in Gr. 9-10 piano – 120 minutes, 5 times a week

These practice times can be broken up into smaller chunks to suit the student’s personality.

3. The teacher is not responsible for any lessons that are missed.  Missing lessons is generally not acceptable, and you will still be charged for them.   If it is absolutely unavoidable, 24 hrs of notice is required for any rescheduling.  Make up lessons may have to be scheduled in June after the recital.  If the teacher misses any lessons, she will either reschedule or credit the parent.

4.  The tuition fee is $84 per month for a half hour lesson and should be made out in 10 postdated cheques for the first of each month (Sept – June).  Books and other materials are not included in this fee.  There will be 35 lessons throughout the year.  Lessons will run every week from Sept. 2/14 to June 4/15 excluding the Christmas break (Dec. 20/14 – Jan. 5/15), February break (Feb 16-20/15), and the Easter break (Apr 3-13/15).  There will also be one other week off TBA.

5.  It is very important to take lessons for the full year, therefore there must be 4 weeks notice given for termination of lessons.  There will be no refund for termination after Mar. 31, 2015.

6. It is important to tune your piano yearly.  It is also important to have a metronome.

 7.  A year end recital will be held in early June which everyone is invited to attend.   There will also be a Christmas piano party at the teacher’s house for students only in mid December.  I believe sharing music with others is an important part of learning and I plan to give other opportunities to perform throughout the year at nursing homes or other low pressure situations.  This is also a great way to give to the community.

8.   Lessons begin at 30 minutes per week.  When a student is at the Gr. 4 Conservatory level (or earlier if desired), lessons increase to 45 minutes in length and become 60 minutes at the Gr. 7 level (or earlier).

9.  It is important to learn from and be inspired by excellent musicians.  Every student should attend a minimum of one professional level concert each year.

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